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Adding New Chickens to the Flock Adding New Chicks To The Flock - Adding new chickens to a preexisting flock and things to consider with your chicken coop and run design.
Baby Chicks - I took Monday off from work so that I could go with George to get his wisdom teeth cut out. That all went as well as can be expected and was even quite comical at… More
Easter Egger Mama Hen With New Baby Chicks 1 Day Old Bertha Our Broody Hen with Her New Baby Chicks - There has been so much going on that we have been giving many updates these days. Things are all good, but there has jut not been any time to “blog” about what we have been… More
Building the Chicken Coop Building the Chicken Coop - The basic design for our chicken coop was a 3’x4′ square.  3′ tall with a simple slanted roof. It is to house chickens so it is not necessary to go overboard, and I am very… More
Building the Chicken Run Building The Chicken Run - After building the chicken coop for our new chicks, we turned our attention to the chicken run.  We wanted to give our chickens as much room to roam in complete safety as possible without spending a… More
Chicken Cam - Three weeks ago we integrated our new chicks with the flock. Other than the occasional hen peck or chase which is expected it has gone very smoothly. The young chickens are now almost as big… More
Chicken Cam – "Teenage Chicks" Day 27 - The chickens are now 4 weeks old. Most of them are almost covered in feathers now. There is still our “runt” that has a lot more fuzz than the others. The weather today has been… More
Chicken Cam – 6 Day Old Chicks - The baby chicks are growing so fast. It amazes me how long their wing feathers are getting. They have a fascination for pecking on the cardboard walls and floors of the box. We love to… More
Chicken Cam – 6 Weeks Old - The girls are now 6 weeks old. They are starting to get used to their coop and are beginning to venture out further into the chicken run. They will hop, scratch, and fly about outside.… More
Chicken Cam – Baby Chicks Day 19 - The chicks are growing so fast! There is very little fuzz left. We have started giving them treats like weeds to eat and play in. This started out as a pile, but they have done… More
Chicken Cam – Barred Plymouth Rock Chicks 8 Days Old - I am behind on posting pictures of our new little ones. These were taken a few days ago and are when they were 8 days old. These are the 3 barred plymouth rocks that we… More
Chicken Introductions Chicken Cam – Chicken Introductions - A week ago we had taken the new baby barred rocks outside for their first time to play and explore. This Saturday the weather was gorgeous. It was warm and sunny. We decided to take the barred… More
Plymouth Barred Rock Chicken and Rooster Chicken Cam: 6 and 7 Months Old - It seems time has just flown by recently. There has been so much to get done. It occurred to me that I haven’t taken any pictures of the chickens in quite a while and my… More
Chicken Cam: Chickens on Deck Chicken Cam: All Chickens on Deck! - The chickens pretty much just roam wherever they please inside our backyard fence. They do tend to have a couple of favorite spots. Occasionally, we have spotted one random chicken on the steps of the… More
Chicken Cam: Spring Frolicking - They love playing on the brush pile!
Building-The-Chicken-Coop-With-Pallets DIY Chicken Coop from Pallets - DIY: How to build a bigger chicken coop still keeping it simple using pallets.
Building a Chicken Run DIY: Building a Bigger Better Chicken Run - We are just weeks (maybe a month) away from our move to our “new to us” farmhouse. We have been quite busy and we have failed miserably at keeping the progress updates flowing. We took a… More
Easter Egger Chick 2 Weeks Old Easter Egger and Production Red 2 Weeks Old Chicks - Here it is the first week in March and I am listening to the sleet as it hits the windows…sigh. I refuse to dwell on winter things any longer. So, we will think on happy… More
Easter-Egger-chick-one-day-old Easter Egger and Production Red Day Old Chicks - We have caught chick fever! Easter Egger and Production Red Chicks – One Day Old Actually, we had planned to get some more chicks this year from Tractor Supply. Our rooster to hen ratio is off and… More
Our First Egg Eggs! - Jon found Red nestled in the compost bin on some soft grass clippings. Red Nestled In
Animal Husbandry homestead Skills That Transfer To Survival Skills Homestead Skills That Transfer Over To Survival Skills - If you are lucky enough to live on a homestead, there’s no doubt you’ve probably learned some very impressive skills. Homestead life can be tough, it can be challenging, but it can also be highly… More
How to Make an Egg Gathering Apron from a Pillowcase How to Make an Egg Gathering Apron from a Pillowcase - Tutorial on how to make a gathering apron from a pillowcase to carry all of those farm fresh eggs!
Keeping Chickens Alive during Cold Weather Keeping Chickens Alive During Cold Weather - Chickens are very susceptible to cold during the winter. Chicken owners must take extra steps to ensure their flock doesn’t freeze over and end up a waste.
Mint to Repel Insects and Rodents Around the Chicken Coop - Mint is one of my favorite scents and plants. It has such a crisp, clean, fresh aroma. We have a nice mint patch growing at our old house. Mint self propagates rapidly. This is a… More
More TSC Chicks - Have I mentioned that we love Tractor Supply? Friday evening we went into TSC to get some more chicken feed for the chicks. Of course we always have to look around no matter what the time… More
Nesting Box Curtains Nesting Box Curtains - Nesting box curtains are not just for decoration! Nesting box curtains provide privacy for laying or broody hens, discourage egg eating, discourage vent picking, and discourages roosting and sleeping in the nesting boxes.
No Shell and Soft Shell Eggs - It’s been 14 days since our first egg and in that short time the four oldest hens are now all laying. They are getting the hang of laying in the nesting boxes. In the Nesting… More
camo-chicken-saddles-for-hen-protection Proper Rooster to Hen Ratio and Chicken Saddles - Our rooster to hen ratio is really off. The ideal ratio is 1 rooster for 10-12 hens. This advised ratio is to protect your hens from too much “rooster love”. Currently, we have 1 rooster… More
Easter-Egger-chick-one-day-old Raising Backyard Chickens for Eggs. Part 1 – Getting Baby Chicks - Raising backyard chickens to gather your own healthy eggs is rewarding and rather easy.  As long as you have a few basics taken care of, the chickens will do the rest.  You don’t need to… More
Easter-Egger-and-Production-Red-Baby-Chicks-One-Day-Old Raising Backyard Chickens for Eggs. Part 2 – The Brooder - Before your baby chicks arrive, you need a brooder for them.  The brooder is simply a box or blocked off area that will house the baby chicks for the first several weeks of their life. … More
chickens-for-eggs-the-coop-nesting-boxes-feed-water Raising Backyard Chickens for Eggs. Part 3 – The Coop - Your chickens have grown and thrived in the brooder and it is time for them to go out to their permanent home.  By this point they have gotten too big for the brooder box, your… More
What to Feed Chickens Raising Backyard Chickens for Eggs. Part 4 – Feed - So you are wondering what to feed your chickens?  There are a lot of options and misconceptions about chicken feed.  Organic, medicated, vegetarian, all natural, scratch and cracked corn just to name a few.  I… More
Rehoming the Chickens Re-homing Our Chickens - I know we have been a little MIA with only the random post lately. We’ve just been so busy trying to get several good size projects done amid all of our normal everyday responsibilities. Neither… More
Rustic Chicken Coop Built with Scrap Tongue and Groove and Old Tin for the Roof Save Money Building a Chicken Coop - A well-built chicken coop can wreck your chicken budget. It's not easy, but I am going to cover a few ways I have found to save a little bit of money on my chicken coops.
Clarifying Chicken and Egg Labels and Terms Understanding Egg Terminology - Organic, All Natural, Free Range, Cageless….What do all of these egg labels mean? It can be confusing.  Most of the confusion is by design. The big companies want you to believe their product is better… More