No Shell and Soft Shell Eggs

It’s been 14 days since our first egg and in that short time the four oldest hens are now all laying. They are getting the hang of laying in the nesting boxes.

In the Nesting Boxes

The 4 older hens are now 23 weeks and the 2 younger hens are at 19 weeks. We only have 2 more hens to go before they are all laying and they are getting close. Yesterday, we had 3 eggs earlier in the day. When our son was gathering the 3 eggs of the day he also found this.

No Shell Egg
It looks exactly like we just cracked an egg and dropped the yolk right onto the wood shavings in the nesting box. We only got 3 eggs yesterday so is this from one of our first four hens laying OR is one of the last 2 younger ones now starting to lay?  Then this evening Sarah comes in the house and says, “Mama, I found something! It looks like an egg, but it’s all squishy.” We walk out and this is just laying in the yard near the swing set.
Soft Shell Egg


Based on our latest find we are pretty darn sure that we have a 5th gal starting to lay. Woo hoo! It is quite common for early layers to lay no shell and soft shell eggs when they start laying. So we may have a few soft shell eggs, but they should start to normalize soon.

Every day is a new discovery!