Chicken Coop

Chicken coop options are almost endless. Coops can be constructed or comprised of just about anything. Some build or purchase a small coop while others may utilize a preexisting utility building or section of a barn. Chicken coop designs vary as much as the creativity of each chicken owner. However, there are necessary components needed in every chicken coop. Research what is needed and explore your options. Be creative, be cheap, be industrious, or be extravagant! Just be sure to provide for your flock’s essential coop needs.

Adding New Chickens to the Flock Adding New Chicks To The Flock - Adding new chickens to a preexisting flock and things to consider with your chicken coop and run design.
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Keeping Chickens Alive during Cold Weather Keeping Chickens Alive During Cold Weather - Chickens are very susceptible to cold during the winter. Chicken owners must take extra steps to ensure their flock doesn’t freeze over and end up a waste.
Nesting Box Curtains Nesting Box Curtains - Nesting box curtains are not just for decoration! Nesting box curtains provide privacy for laying or broody hens, discourage egg eating, discourage vent picking, and discourages roosting and sleeping in the nesting boxes.
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