Recipe: No Bake Cookies

Here is a recipe for a chocolate staple at our house.  We have a bit of a sweet tooth when it comes to chocolate.  Rather than spending a few dollars on chocolate snacks every time we go to the store, we started making No Bake Cookies.  Some people may call them Peanut Butter Delights or Preacher Cookies, but I have always called them No Bake Cookies, and I was proven right when Ann brought a pack home from the store a few years ago only to her dismay to realize they said “No Bake Cookies” right on the label.

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Witch Fingers for Halloween Party

Recently, I was trying to find a neat spooky treat to make for a soccer Halloween party. I found a couple of ideas on pinterest to try. As sometimes happens some of the ideas did not turn out as easy and cute as it looked on pinterest. However, I did have much success making witch fingers. So, when Sarah and I decided to make them again yesterday for our family Monster Mash Halloween party I thought I would take some pictures of the process.

We started with vanilla white chocolate squares. I used the store brand for Candy Quick. I have tried melting chocolate and white chocolate in a double boiler, but it can be tricky. I do find that working with the microwave to melt the white chocolate is so much easier. It comes in a tray that you can just melt the squares in.
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Quick and Easy Blackberry Cobbler

Yesterday when we did our daily walk-about we were welcomed with blackberries ready to be picked! How wonderful! Neither of us have ever seen blackberries so big before. We are a little proud of ourselves.

Blackberries Ready to Pick Safe Under The Bird Netting

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