Chicken Care

Raising your own chickens for farm fresh eggs, meat, or just for sheer enjoyment, can be extremely beneficial.  Owning chickens can be a learning process that you become more knowledgeable with overtime.  However, before embarking on your rewarding chicken journey, it is important to educate yourself of the basics on what to expect. Please, don’t come home one day from the feed store with a box full of chickens because they were so darn adorable without a little preparation. Chickens are live beings with specific needs that deserve proper care.

Keeping Chickens Alive during Cold Weather Keeping Chickens Alive During Cold Weather - Chickens are very susceptible to cold during the winter. Chicken owners must take extra steps to ensure their flock doesn’t freeze over and end up a waste.
camo-chicken-saddles-for-hen-protection Proper Rooster to Hen Ratio and Chicken Saddles - Our rooster to hen ratio is really off. The ideal ratio is 1 rooster for 10-12 hens. This advised ratio is to protect your hens from too much “rooster love”. Currently, we have 1 rooster… More
Easter-Egger-chick-one-day-old Raising Backyard Chickens for Eggs. Part 1 – Getting Baby Chicks - Raising backyard chickens to gather your own healthy eggs is rewarding and rather easy.  As long as you have a few basics taken care of, the chickens will do the rest.  You don’t need to… More
Easter-Egger-and-Production-Red-Baby-Chicks-One-Day-Old Raising Backyard Chickens for Eggs. Part 2 – The Brooder - Before your baby chicks arrive, you need a brooder for them.  The brooder is simply a box or blocked off area that will house the baby chicks for the first several weeks of their life. … More
chickens-for-eggs-the-coop-nesting-boxes-feed-water Raising Backyard Chickens for Eggs. Part 3 – The Coop - Your chickens have grown and thrived in the brooder and it is time for them to go out to their permanent home.  By this point they have gotten too big for the brooder box, your… More
What to Feed Chickens Raising Backyard Chickens for Eggs. Part 4 – Feed - So you are wondering what to feed your chickens?  There are a lot of options and misconceptions about chicken feed.  Organic, medicated, vegetarian, all natural, scratch and cracked corn just to name a few.  I… More