How to Make Deviled Eggs Southern Style

I have always loved deviled eggs. It is one those items I expect to be at every family holiday or church covered dish meal. If you are are raising your own chickens now, you may find yourself with an over abundance of farm fresh eggs. What a blessing that is. So, why not make some deviled eggs? There are several different ways to make deviled eggs much of which is due to preference. This is how I like my deviled eggs.

Deviled Eggs
Deviled Eggs

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Orange Glaze Cocktail Weenies Recipe

Perfect Appetizer Snack for Parties and Social Gatherings

Crock Pot Orange Glaze Cocktail Weenies Appetizer Snacks

Who doesn’t enjoy a tasty cocktail weenie? (Vegetarians I guess) I have always been a fan, but it seems that most are prepared in some form of BBQ sauce. I love a good BBQ sauce, but still it is nice to mix things up a bit. These have a little sweet and sour taste that have been a crowd pleaser with my family for years.

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Witch Fingers for Halloween Party

Recently, I was trying to find a neat spooky treat to make for a soccer Halloween party. I found a couple of ideas on pinterest to try. As sometimes happens some of the ideas did not turn out as easy and cute as it looked on pinterest. However, I did have much success making witch fingers. So, when Sarah and I decided to make them again yesterday for our family Monster Mash Halloween party I thought I would take some pictures of the process.

We started with vanilla white chocolate squares. I used the store brand for Candy Quick. I have tried melting chocolate and white chocolate in a double boiler, but it can be tricky. I do find that working with the microwave to melt the white chocolate is so much easier. It comes in a tray that you can just melt the squares in.
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