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Simple Living in Our 1940 Farmhouse
Our 1940’s Farmhouse

We are a husband and wife duo with 5 kids, 4 boys and 1 girl. Our kids are growing up fast and only the 2 youngest are still in high school.  Our simple living journey began at our 1700 square feet home with just over 1 acre of land.  God has blessed us greatly and we recently purchased and moved into our farmhouse and 14 acres of beautiful farm land in Ann’s hometown.

Jon is enjoying his new job as an application support manager after graduating from online IT classes.  Changing careers from a restaurant manager at this stage in our lives was a big deal and he has made it! Ann is also in IT as a computer programmer at a textile manufacturing company.

Joyful Simple Living

Jon is originally from West Virginia and Ann is originally from North Carolina. We both grew up in the country around gardening and simple living, but we haven’t done much of it ourselves until the last 5 or 6 years.  Over the years God has compelled us to cultivate a simpler, less busy, and more joyful life.  That is a process that takes time with one new learned skill or one simplification or change at a time. We love our chickens and goats and the benefits they provide us for a healthier more natural diet. We enjoy gardening to raise our own food, but also appreciate the therapeutic qualities of getting our hands in the dirt. Jon and I are not masters at any of this, but have learned a lot in our journey. We have learned some useful skills and are becoming more self Christ sufficient each day. There is always a new adventure with something new to learn. At times it has been quite comical.

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