Peach Trees First Fruit – Remove or Not Remove?

There seems to be a debate about whether to remove the first fruits of a peach tree (or any fruit tree). Some say removing the first fruits of a young peach tree will allow the tree to focus its energy on growing strong roots and developing its size so that it will produce larger amounts quicker and be able to provide adequate nutrients to its fruit in future seasons. While others say this is true, but not necessary. The argument is that it does no real harm to the tree to allow the first fruits to grow and you do not have to wait another full year to see some literal “fruits of labor”. The first fruits will not be as plentiful and maybe not as large, but it would be something.

About a month ago we bought 2 peach trees from Tractor Supply. These trees had already been pre-pruned to give them the U-shape that is desired for peach trees. They were good size trees with a descent thickness to their trunk (approximately 1 inch diameter). They were already blooming when we purchased them.  Initially, I would have guessed the trees were about 2 years old.

Now, a month later we have little fuzzy baby peaches galore! I would now assume the trees are probably 3 years old from the way they are producing the first time as most of my research says not to expect production until the third year.

Peach Tree First Fruits Close Up of Peach Tree First Fruits
Peach Tree First Fruits Close Up of Peach Tree First Fruits

Jon and I decided to straddle the fence on this issue. We thought it best to remove or thin some of the fruit out where there are several close together. We also removed fruits from very small fragile limbs that we did not believe could bear the weight of a peach. I personally found it very hard to remove these cute little fuzzy beginnings of peaches. This should allow the tree to produce less, but larger fruit rather than several smaller peaches. Hopefully, we removed enough fruit to not over tax the tree’s overall growth and still receive a little satisfaction from it ourselves.