How to Make an Egg Gathering Apron from a Pillowcase

When we were living on the 40 acre homestead before we downsized, we had over 50 laying hens. There were lots of eggs to collect each day. The egg basket that I was using wouldn’t hold them all so I switched to a 5 gallon bucket. I quickly realized that a large bucket was a quick way to break eggs and carrying eggs in my T-shirt wasn’t cutting it either. I needed a solution to this problem without spending much money (“much” to this mama is about $10)…I finally decided that I would make an egg gathering apron out of an extra pillowcase and a little bit of ribbon. The apron was made in under 15 minutes and there has been no issue gathering eggs since!


  • Standard Pillowcase
  • Wide Ribbon measured & cut to fit your waist

How to Make a Gathering Apron


  • Fold the bottom of the pillowcase 3/4 of the way to the top. I like to fold up to the pillowcase’s top seam.

How to Make a Gathering Apron

  • Sew both sides leaving a 1/2 inch seam allowance. I like to double stitch to increase the durability of the pouches.
  • Flip right side out so that your seams are on the inside.
  • You should have two large pouches at this point.
  • Sew a stitch straight up the middle of the apron. You can double stitch here as well if you like.
  • Attach your wide ribbon to the top of the apron with two stitches…one at the top of the ribbon & one at the bottom. Be sure that you don’t sew your opening together here.
  • Ta-Da! You now have a 4 pouch gathering apron!

This apron can be used for eggs from the hen house & produce from the garden.

How to Make a Gathering Apron

Watch the video tutorial here!

By Jessica Quinn


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