Chicken Cam – Chicken Introductions

A week ago we had taken the new baby barred rocks outside for their first time to play and explore. This Saturday the weather was gorgeous. It was warm and sunny. We decided to take the barred rocks out for another field trip and try out introductions to the bigger gals.

It took a while before they approached each other. When they did we were surprised that it was the younger chicks that went up to investigate the larger chickens. The little girls and our bigger gals were a little curious of each other, but not a lot.

After the initial introductions the hens had gone back into the run toward the coop. They did not seem very concerned with the new little ones. The little ones gradually crept their way up toward the run and even went in. Still for some time each group kept their distance with the occasional on-looking.



The chicks again were the first to approach the hens in the run. But this time there was the stare down. Remember the smaller chicks are from a straight run. We are pretty sure one of them is a rooster. It has definitely been commanding of the new chicks. This rooster did not have any fear in the stare down against a hen twice his size. What a cocky one!



After the second staring match and the rooster not backing down the bigger gal had to “peck” him into place. Then I guess the fellow wasn’t quite so brave and the chicks headed back over to the other side of the run where they stayed the rest of the time until we put them back in their brooder box.

We were happy they played nice for the most part on their first introductions. We were surprised that it was the chicks that were more curious and they always initiated interaction first each time. The bigger gals didn’t bother them at all until they were approached.

We will continue to orchestrate supervised play dates for the next couple of weeks until time to move the chicks out to the coop with the rest of the flock.