Planting Strawberry Plants

Spring has finally sprung around our place! We have been blessed with several gorgeous sunny days in the high 60’s-70’s last week and this week we have had a few days of 80’s! The birds are singing and all around our little place there is new growth to be found…except for our 10 bare root strawberry plants. Sigh 🙁

It has been 2 weeks now and there has been absolutely no visible change. They still look exactly like they did when we planted them.

Bare Root Strawberres
Bare Root Strawberry Crowns At Planting

Since it has been such beautiful weather with rain and watering we are starting to worry. Researching them I fear we really should have soaked them 20 minutes before planting to revive the dormant plants. However, I have found much online that says it is all about keeping the plant bundled (heeled) in dirt or in a cool place to keep the roots from drying out. I have found many websites and forums that suggest it is all about the storage process from the time they are lifted until planting. Still, a few of them had very tiny young sprouts so they did not appear to be dried out or dead at that point.

New Growth On Bare Root Strawberry In Package
So, maybe and hopefully we are just being too impatient. I did see a few forum posts to not worry if it has only been 2 weeks. We’ll just keep our fingers crossed and say a little prayer.
Sunday after church we went to the Piedmont Triad Farmers Market to meander. The farmers market is about 30 minutes away so we do not go there a lot. It is close enough that we should go more often than we do though. We did not have anything specific we were looking for, but were confident we would be inspired. There we bought a couple of good size live strawberry plants. I do not know what kind as they just said strawberry plants, but considering we do not have any signs of life from the others I was not going to be picky. Due to their size, they costed a few bucks a piece, but we wanted to at least have a few plants that we knew were healthy. Because we still have the faintest hope that our other bare root plants will eventually come around we did not want to buy too many. We planted them as soon as we got home and covered them with some compost and mulch. They look lovely!
Live Strawberry Plants From Farmers Market
We also bought 2 4-packs of pepper plants, 2 4-packs of tomato plants, 1 4-pack of plain Italian parsley plants, and 1 4-pack of peppermint plants. All of this and we only spent $19! I was pleased.We planted all 4 parsley plants in one pot and the 4 peppermint plants in another pot. This will be our first year planting herbs and these are the first we have planted thus far. We are also going to try our hand at planting basil, oregano, and cilantro seeds.

Parsley and Peppermint Plants From Farmers Market

I do apologize for the photo quality of the peppermint plant. I did get a new camera so hopefully once I figure it out, maybe my pictures will be a better quality. It is just a point and shoot, but about the best point and shoot with a good optical zoom you can get without jumping to a large fancy camera with exchangeable lenses. I love photographs, but I am no photographer so a point and shoot is the only way to go for me. Surely, it will be better than my iPhone camera.

We also planted our 8 tomato plants and 8 pepper plants in the garden. I am sure I’ll post some pictures on them at some point. Do you have a farmers market nearby that you go to? What have you planted lately?