Our 1940 Farmhouse

We have pretty much been nonexistent on here lately, but we have some very exciting news! We just closed last week on our new/old 1940 farmhouse!

Our original plans were to eventually build our little farm house on the land we purchased a couple of years ago. But sometimes God just knows better than we do what is best. We happened across the darling little 1940’s farm house with acreage that was for sale in Ann’s hometown where much of our family live and just a few short miles from the other land we had purchased. It is even on the same road Ann grew up on! Don’t you just love old farm houses?!? We were not even looking to buy, and had began the process of looking through house plans and even had an appointment scheduled with a builder to discuss when we found this place.

It also has beautiful trees, a building, old barn, plenty of garden space, and 2 hay fields!

1940 Farmhouse with Barn and Hay Fields
1940 Farmhouse and Hay Fields
Beautiful Hay Field and Round Hay Bales
Beautiful Hay Field and Round Hay Bales
One of our hay fields....a little piece of heaven
One of our hay fields….a little piece of heaven
A Few Trees in the Woods on Our Farm
A Few Trees in the Woods on Our Farm

We still intend to keep the other land we purchased and continue in our efforts to have our orchard there. However, it would take us twice the amount of money to have all of this by building. On top of that there were so many little pieces to the puzzle that God timed and placed so perfectly that it could not be shear coincidence. We are so truly grateful and blessed and awestruck at how God moves!

The house can use a little TLC, but it is structurally sound and well taken care of. There has been some updates to the house over the years, but much of it is still original. We have lots of projects ahead of us. The plan is to get it ready to move into by January. Once we have moved out of our current home we will prepare it to sell. Thank goodness we do not have to do it all at once! That makes things so much easier and less stressful!

We hope to have some before and after posts along the way, if we can find the time to write them during the process.

Our 1940 Farmhouse Series:
Our 1940 Farmhouse
Our 1940 Farmhouse – Bedroom 1
Our 1940 Farmhouse – “Sitting Room” (Office)
Our 1940 Farmhouse – Upstairs Bedroom Makeover
Our 1940 Farmhouse – Game Room Makeover
Our 1940 Farmhouse – Upstairs Guest Bedroom Makeover