Bare Root Raspberries 7 Month Progress

We had planted 2 raspberry vines last year, but they never grew and died. They were a part of the shipment that got lost, came late, and were planted late. So back in February on a trip to Tractor Supply we bought 4 more bare root raspberry canes (2 Heritage Everbearing and 2 Latham).

We planted the raspberries just a few days later and said a little prayer.

Bare Root Raspberry Cane

For what seemed like the longest time there was again no sign of life. Then 2 months after planting we finally saw some green life to them.

Raspberry Cane – 2 Months

Then shortly after that we got busy with the garden and blackberries and I have not given an update on their progress. I know some had expressed interest in how well they did. Now, 7 months later I am happy to report these babies are doing well.

Raspberry Cane – 7 Months

You can see how much it has grown since we planted them. There is even a couple of new shoots (canes) at the the bottom that are not clearly visible in the picture. As expected, we did not get any fruit from the canes. However, if you look at the top of the can you can see little miniature fruit that did not mature. We were very surprised about that.  All four of the raspberry canes, both Heritage Everbearing and Latham, look like this.

Raspberries self propagate very well. Some have even called them a nuisance, but I just cannot understand how anyone would consider such wonderful fruit a nuisance. By the looks of it, next season we should have fresh homegrown raspberries and several new canes starting. We hope to transplant the new canes to give each plant enough room. Once we get some cleanup done at the land we hope to transplant some there as well. If after all of that we have too many, we can share them with family and friends!

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