Bacon Wrapped Squash

Sometime back I came across a blog post with several ideas for cooking your bountiful supply of squash. It was a bit before our squash was coming in, but I distinctly remembered one of the ideas for bacon wrapped squash. Anything with bacon must be good, right? I would love to give credit, but I could not find the post again later. I even tried googling for it. So, if it was you please do comment and let us know.

It is so simple and a real nice change of pace with the squash.

  • Slice your yellow crooked neck squash lengthwise.
  • Remove and dispose of the seeds.
  • Cut a slice of bacon in half and wrap around the squash slices. Be sure the bacon is wrapped overlapping so that it will stick to itself and not just slide off the squash slice.
Bacon Wrapped Squash
Bacon Wrapped Squash
  • Fry wrapped squash slices in a pan on top of the stove, turning them as needed.
  • Fry until bacon is cooked to your desired crispiness.
Fried Bacon Wrapped Squash
Fried Bacon Wrapped Squash Almost Ready

I absolutely loved these! Even the exposed squash ends that are not wrapped in bacon were delicious because they were fried in the bacon grease. I believe I ate 5 or 6 with supper. Yes, that’s right, I did! Sarah (who hates all things squash) tried one. She said she could eat it where the bacon was wrapped, but did not want the ends without bacon. That is about as good as you are going to get from her. Jon worked late and did not even get to try them when they were fresh and hot. He’s were reheated. Still, the guys liked them, but nowhere near as much as I did.

We are normally trying to hide our squash and zucchini finely chopped in soups and casseroles from the kids. If they do realize it is in a casserole we’ll get the nose snarl or an eye roll. The bacon wrapped squash is a definite winner to me. Their reactions were much more accepting. I believe it would work well with zucchini too, but I have not tried that as our zucchini did nothing this year.