DIY: Inexpensive Easy Drying Rack

Not long ago, my better half decided that we needed a drying rack when she was inspired by Magnolia Holler’s Herb Drying Rack.  It would come in handy for drying our garlic and our winter bulblets.  Being frugal (read: cheap) we settled on a rather inexpensive design.

We started with an adjustable window screen.

Photo Credit Google

We have limited space in our house so we decided to hang it from one of the shelves in our pantry.  First, I drilled holes in the four corners and attached eye bolts.  From these eye bolts in each corner I attached a chain.  The chain then attached to hooks screwed into the underside of the shelf. One note, make sure the hooks on the underside of the shelf are set out farther than the edge of the adjustable window screen to keep the screen stretched to its fullest length.

The finished drying rack.

It has worked wonderfully, and our little winter onion bulblets and garlic bulbs are drying nicely.

The winter onion bulblets.