Garden Update

Much of our garden has turned into a jungle. Between all of our excessive rain and just getting busy with harvesting and the rest of life the weeds have taken over! Many plants are coming to an end or dwindling down now. Our second planting of green beans, black eye peas, and crowder peas are doing well. But what has me anxiously waiting the most is our watermelon and pumpkin.

Last year we only planted 4 mini pumpkins. It was a little late in the season and we knew we would not have time for large pumpkins.Those started growing wonderfully, but over night (literally) they were destroyed by stink bugs! I was disappointed. And we did not even plant any watermelon. I’m not a big fan of watermelon. I’m surprised I’ve not been kicked out of the south! But the rest of our family likes it. So since we had neither last year we are anxious about this year’s crop.

Around mid April we planted a few Bush Sugar Baby Watermelon seeds. The beginning of our season was so wonky that I just don’t think they germinated. We had several things that needed replanting. So, we planted a couple more several weeks later when we saw they were not coming up.

Typically watermelon is one of those summer fruits that everyone enjoys. Here it is a few days after labor day and we finally have one melon that is about ready.

Bush Sugar Baby Watermelon

Around the first of July we planted Cornfield Pumpkin and Connecticut Field Pumpkin seeds. The vines are going nuts and are every where adding to our garden jungle! There were several blooms, but we only had 3 that appeared to pollinate. One of which shriveled up before it got bigger than a marble. But here are our 2 lovely pumpkins! Sadly, we do not remember which is which, but still we are proud of them.


Do you have a fall garden? If so, what’s going on in your garden?