Our 1940 Farmhouse – Upstairs Guest Bedroom Makeover

We have been living in our new home for three months. We have been super busy with all of our projects and moving.  We left the last upstairs bedroom untouched for sometime as it was not needed immediately.  This is a rectangular upstairs bedroom with a closet built into the attic space that was mentioned in an earlier post. This will be our guest bedroom which will not be used often, except when Jon’s son stays with us during the summer. It was a relief that we did not have the pressure to fix it right away as this room was in the worst shape of all rooms in the entire house. But we had the realization a few weeks ago that Nolan would be here in a month and we had not done anything but close the door!

Makeover Upstairs Bedroom in a 1940's Farmhouse
1940’s Farmhouse Upstairs Guest Bedroom Makeover

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