The can rack in use.

This DIY FIFO can rack can save valuable shelf space.  It only uses up 2 square feet of floor space and holds up to 120 cans.  The concept is simple.  You place the new can on the top shelf.  The can rolls back, falls to the lower shelf and rolls forward.  This way your cans always stay rotated without having to take them all out and place the new ones under or behind the old ones.

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Pantry Shelves

When it comes to being prepared in the case of a disaster, storage space plays a key role. We have always been aware of our limited storage space, but when we began disaster prepping this limitation became a huge issue.

A quick look around the house lead us to the conclusion that there was only one area we could convert for a little of our storage needs. We have a walk in closet in the bedroom that has been converted into an office. This is the same closet we crammed a deep freeze in, but that is covered in another post.


The closet, which is now referred to as the pantry (Ann has always wanted a pantry) was pretty much a catch all for overflow of our extraneous crap. So we went through it all and got rid of anything we found less important than storage space for our families survival. Most of it got thrown out or given to Goodwill. Some of the important things got relocated.

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Zucchini, Laserdiscs, and Meat On Sale!

The kids may riot soon if we force them to eat any more zucchini! To be quite honest Jon and I are getting a bit tired of it too and I love fried zucchini! It blows my mind how much produce can come from 8 plants. So, now we are going to take a little break from the eating of the fresh zucchini and just freeze it.



Which brings us to our next dilemma. Where to put all of this frozen bounty? We decided that we needed a pantry, but where?
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