Easy Double Crochet Adult Beanie

Since my first crochet scarf, there has been a lull in my crocheting. Summer and fall are so full and busy with gardening, harvesting, canning, and so forth that I just didn’t get back to it. As the weather turned cold and I began to hibernate I started pondering my next crochet project. I decided to go with a double crochet beanie that I found on ravelry to match my new scarf.

My First Crochet Beanie
My First Crochet Beanie

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My First Crochet Scarf

It seems we are having several “firsts” around here lately (first plum, first apple, first egg) and now I have finally completed my first crochet scarf (although it did take me 3 trips to WV and 1 to SC)! Technically this is my 4th crochet project as I did the Beginner’s dishcloth 3 times before it all clicked and I got it right (mostly). I am very excited about learning news skills even if it is taking me longer than anticipated.

Back in March we were driving to West Virginia to pick up Jon’s boys to stay with us on their spring break from school. I wanted to get a new project picked out and started before our drive up so that I could work on it on the ride. I  made a goal that with each new crochet project I would learn 1 new stitch or crochet concept. It can be quite difficult to search for a new pattern that only has 1 new thing rather than 3 or 4! I was worried about getting overwhelmed so I kept searching until I found just the right “simplify scarf pattern” on ravelry. This pattern uses the chain, single crochet, turn, and the double crochet (my new stitch to learn). Some crochet patterns can be a bit confusing to read, but Sally’s pattern was simple and concise, just what I needed.

I got on youtube and reviewed several examples of the double crochet until I had figured it out.

Double Crochet

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Ta-Da! My Crochet Dishcloth

Now, that is a dishcloth!

Plain and Simple Crochet Dishcloth

I just had to take a quick minute to show off my dishcloth. This is the third one I tried from the quick beginner dishcloth pattern. I crocheted this one Sunday evening after church while watching a little TV. I am only using the chain (ch), single crochet (sc) and turn, but it is finally all coming together.

Much thanks to all those with helpful advise and encouragment! Now, I’m thinking scarf…..

My Quick Beginner Crochet Dishcloth

My Maggie Weldon’s Quick Beginner Crochet Dishcloth has not been so “quick” for this “beginner”. The pattern says it should look like the photo above. The first attempt I took it apart and started over so many times that my yarn had frayed terribly bad. I ended up starting with fresh yarn so that I could again easily see what stitch was what and not hang my crochet hook countless times. Still,  I was struggling.

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My First Crochet Stitch

I have been telling myself that I was going to start crocheting for some time now.  Like many other things, it just kept getting put off. A few months back I was on listia and saw a “Beginner Knit & Crochet First Projects” booklet including a crochet needle for only a few listia points. So, I bid and won the auction.

When it arrived it came with a 4/E needle, a tiny bit of pink yarn, and the booklet. I quickly flipped through the booklet and found it had a couple of project patterns and even a few pictures of how to stitching. But the problem was there was no helpful hints on starting! I knew nothing so I needed the very first step demonstrated. So, I was a bit disappointed and put it away for awhile.

Then I just recently started on pinterest and found the best pin ever!

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