My Quick Beginner Crochet Dishcloth

My Maggie Weldon’s Quick Beginner Crochet Dishcloth has not been so “quick” for this “beginner”. This is what the pattern says it should look like.

The first attempt I took it apart and started over so many times that my yarn had frayed terribly bad. I ended up starting with fresh yarn so that I could again easily see what stitch was what and not hang my crochet hook countless times. Still,  I was struggling.

Then, Kristi at The Mind to Homestead was so wonderful and whipped out the first few rows in no time at all and took a fabulous in detail step-by-step photo and emailed it to me. I wish I could take photos this good! Or crochet this good! LOL

After Kristi’s help and still a lot of trial and error, this is what my first crocheted dishcloth turned out like. Sadly, I was still impressed with myself. It is supposed to be square. It is square-ish. So, the bottom which is my first several rows are all over the place and a bit irregular. The top half my stitches were much more consistent.

Apparently, I have the really bad habit of pulling my stitches too tight as I progress. For one, this makes it harder and harder as you go to SC into the stitches. It also impacts the overall size, appearance, and shape of the finished project. I had also made some mistakes with my edges and attempted to “cover them up” because I did not want to take this one apart yet again. You can see the right side is pretty squirrely.

So, I bought some different multi-colored yarn that I thought may be a little easier to distinguish my stitches while learning. Then I thought I would search for another simple dishcloth pattern using basically the stitches I had learned already. My thought was to see if there was one I could understand better to perfect my process before adding more complicated stitches to the mix. Well, apparently this pattern is the basic pattern. Every where I searched for simple beginner patterns were essentially this same pattern. I even joined from the suggestion of Debbie at Our Old Homestead. I can tell that ravelry will be a wonderful resource, but still I kept coming back to this same basic pattern. I am very grateful for all of the help and support from our blogging community.

So, I decided to give it another whirl. I started out and I measured constantly and was very pleased with my first 4 or 5 rows. I also believe the multi-colored yarn does truly make it easier to distinguish my stitches. Of course it helps that they are not pulled so dang tight too! Then, I stopped measuring as much, but was doing a better job at keeping my stitches looser. Still, after several rows I noticed it was “shrinking”. My stitches still looked consistent, but it was still not as wide the further I went along. I counted my stitches and I had lost several!

So, I starting taking them out until I got back down to just a few rows. As best I could tell I wasn’t missing (skipping) the last stitch on the row each time. I think I’m doing something wrong with the turn and somehow losing one stitch for every row. I still must research this further as I am unclear of what I’m doing wrong.

Alas, here is my second dishcloth. It is still not very “quick” for me. Overall, I think it looks better but it definitely has a trapezoidal shape rather than a square.

Well, this is taking much longer than I had expected to grasp just a few simple stitches and a “quick” beginner’s dishcloth. I’ll never work up to a scarf, much less an afghan!