Gun Tote’n Mamas’ Conceal Carry Zebra-Print Hobo Purse

This is a fashion/safety post for the ladies. Some time back Jon and I took the conceal carry permit (CCP) class and registered for our conceal carry permits. Initially, I bought a belt style holster for my .38 Ruger. But a holster never really felt comfortable to me. This is probably because I do not usually wear a belt and I have right many “curves” so it always just felt like it was poking or rubbing me somewhere. I truly believe it is because of the shape of my body and not due to a lack of design of the belt holster I have.

So, for several months now I have been looking for a conceal carry purse. Like most women, my purse goes with me everywhere so it makes sense to keep my handgun there as well. What I found out is they are quite expensive! I do understand they need to be of stronger material for the liner as well as exterior. Conceal carry purses are made at a higher quality than the every day purse due to the need to securely support a heavy handgun safely. I really had hoped for something under the $100 range if at all possible.

I also am quite picky about the design of my pocket books. I need pockets and compartments in a functional size and design. While I always like a good looking purse I look for functionality first. That has always been a laborious task for me even before having a CCP and now having extra “functionality” requirements.

And lastly, well dangit I wanted something cute! I generally go with a leather bag of some sort. Leather tends to be more durable. But leather CCP purses were either several hundred dollars or were only in a biker or western style (neither of which I preferred).

So, after several attempts at looking I bought the Gun Tote’n Mamas’ conceal carry zebra-print basic hobo handbag from amazon for $75. Have I mentioned I love amazon? It is now showing for $80.

Amazon Product Features
  • New! Zebra Pattern printed on lightweight Microfiber polyester
  • Designed for either Left or Right handed use
  • SLASH RESISTANT Shoulder Strap
  • Tumbled and uncoated full grain Leather
  • Includes Holster

Amazon Product Description

Classic elegance in a supple, yet sturdy, shoulder bag. With concealed carry compartment access zippers on either side, this bag is truly ambidextrous, and can be used for either left or right hand carry. Velcro-lined concealed carry pouch makes positioning your weapon completely custom, and can accommodate any preferred angle of draw; universal holster included. Roomy back-exterior, horizontal -zippered pocket measuring 8 x 5 for quick access to phone or iPod. Interior of bag is fully lined in matching wipe-clean nylon. Roomy 2-compartment interior with a 7 x 5 zippered pocket, and 2 eyeglass or phone pockets. Look smart and stylish while staying safe! **Please note: The strap that comes with this bag WILL NOT work for cross-body carry. Cross-body straps available ala carte from the manufacturer or your distributor.

Right Handed Access to Center Gun Compartment
Right Handed Access to Center Gun Compartment
Left Handed Access to Center Gun Compartment
Left Handed Access to Center Gun Compartment
Top View of Two Main Compartments with Splash of Red on Zippers
Top View of Two Main Compartments with Splash of Red on Zippers

At first, I wasn’t sure how I’d like the Microfiber polyester as I generally do leather. However, I really like the look of this bag. It is durable and seems like it will be very easy to clean. The gun compartment is in the middle between the two main compartments. A gun will take up some real estate in the bag. However, I still have room for all of my every day stuff. And let me tell you, my wallet is the size of my head! So, it is an endeavor trying to get one to accommodate that any way.

The only possible negative about this bag is that it does not come with an option to lock the gun compartment. Some bags do come with this option, but do generally cost more. On a daily basis I would not want the compartment locked any way as it would prevent easy quick access to your weapon if needed. However, if your purse may be left in a room or house where small children might could get into it, then the lock is a nice feature for those potential scenarios. Our youngest is almost 12 years old and this is not a current concern of mine.

The slash resistant shoulder strap is wide and durable. It is important to have a slash resistant strap for your purse if you carry a lot of valuables, but I’ve never had a purse with this feature. But now carrying my Ruger in it, I definitely want a slash resistant purse to prevent mugging. Although I am rarely in a “high crime” area, it is best to be as safe as possible with your gun. The last thing I want is for someone to grab my purse and then use my own weapon on me or someone else.  The width of the strap is also quite comfortable. Even with the extra weight of the weapon, I do not feel like my shoulder strap is “cutting” into my shoulder even for prolonged periods of time of carrying.

I have been carrying this bag for about two weeks. I so love it! It is gorgeous. I love the splash of red leather on all of the zippers. Unlike most bags, the name of the bag is nowhere printed on the outside. It is discreetly printed on an inside label. I can keep my Ruger with me, and nobody even knows. I have already received several compliments on it.