Chicks, Onions, Garlic, and Raspberries

I apologize the posts have been sparse this week. Work has been hectic and very full days all week and it seems life has just been a bit busy.

My oldest came by Monday after work to discuss his taxes, all the details about getting his wisdom teeth cut out this coming Monday, and to drop of his laptop for some software installation. It was good to spend the evening with him as sometimes I may not see him for a couple of weeks.

Then Tuesday I worked a little late as I was on the brink of a coding breakthrough and I just could not let it go! I got my program working fantastically and headed home. My boss was in the parking lot as I was leaving work and texted me that my car didn’t sound right and I should probably get it looked at. I had not noticed, but I turned the radio off and did hear the humming/whirling sound it was making. I had just had the oil changed last week and there were not issues. So, naturally I am really concerned as my Envoy is a 2005 and has 145k+ miles on it. After getting home, since Jon was closing I worked on George’s laptop. I installed his AVG virus protection, Microsoft Office, and then did some “clean up” on his laptop as he does not. He would not be offended if he never had to use a computer again, but alas he must use one for college.

Jon was off Wednesday and had already planned on taking his truck to the dealer as his check engine light had been on for a few days and his truck was less than a year old. So, he did that super early and luckily all was well. They said it was some code due to the aftermarket gas cap he has (we all had our gas syphoned awhile back and bought locking gas caps). OK, whatever at least it wasn’t anything big. So he was done at the dealership about the time I was heading to work. So I dropped my car off at another garage for them to take a look and Jon picked me up and took me to work. I had a bad idler pulley and they replaced it for $159. Well, that wasn’t in the budget, but at least it wasn’t worse. I was worrying the whole time until the garage called to tell me the problem. Then Wednesday evening we all went to church after work and school.

Thursday I actually went to Zumba to work out. I have failed miserably at working out recently, but am glad I went. I should report the instructor for attempted mass murder! It was brutal or ummmm I have gotten out of shape.

Then Friday I picked up George’s 4 prescriptions in preparation for his wisdom teeth surgery Monday and went to Sarah’s indoor soccer game. They won.

Then today Jon and I went to Sarah’s last soccer game of this indoor season and the girls won again. It was cool to wrap up the season with 2 strong wins as the beginning of the season was a bit rocky. Then we went to Tractor Supply after the game. We love TSC!

We were mostly going to look for onion sets as we need to start planting in a week and supplies for chickens. Yes, chickens. We have been discussing and preparing for awhile. The TSC employee said the baby chicks will be in Monday! Yay, I thought it would be a few more weeks. So, we went ahead and got some starter supplies for new baby chicks.

Chicken Waterer Heat Lamp Supplies Tractory Supply
Baby Chick Supplies

Then we just meandered and found onion sets and also grabbed some garlic to plant as well. We’ve never grown garlic, but use it a lot in cooking. So, we thought we’d give it a try.

Garlic and Onion Sets
Garlic and Onion Sets
Then we found our way to the berries! I thought it was a bit early for berries, but apparently not. We had planted 2 raspberry vines last year, but they never grew and died. They were a part of the shipment that got lost, came late, and were planted late. The trees have never started growing either. I keep hoping that they got confused where they were shipped dormant and planted so late. But Jon thinks they are dead. I guess we will see soon. So, we bought 4 raspberry vines (2 Heritage Everbearing and 2 Latham).
Heritage Everbearing Raspberries Latham Raspberries
Heritage Everbearing and Latham Raspberries
Oh I wanted to buy more, but we must pace ourselves. Did I mention we love TSC? We are so excited and ready for Spring and baby chicks!!!
After Jon left for work, I painted the new chicken coop he has built this week. I’m sure there will be a full post on it soon. Now, I still have tons of house work to do, but believe I may just do some laundry and catch up on some over due blog reading and playing on the computer. Maybe I can squeeze in a little crocheting this evening.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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