Making Beef Jerky

This weekend I decided to dehydrate a batch of beef jerky. Store bought jerky is so expensive and is full of preservatives too. Since I just bought the dehydrator, I wanted to use the jerky seasoning that came with it first.

The directions had two options, ground meat and sliced meat. I am not a fan of ground, compressed, jerky so I went the other route.

I mixed the following together:

  • Contents of the Nesco seasoning and cure packets
  • 1/4 cup of water.
  • Added a tsp of worcestershire sauce (just because I like it)
  • Added tsp pepper (jerky must have plenty of pepper)

I marinated 1 lb of sirloin steak that Jon had sliced in thin strips (less than 1/4 in) over night (approximately 9 hours)

Then I laid the strips out onto the dehydrator trays.

Then I dehydrated for 4 hours as it was a thin cut. It may take longer if sliced thicker. I like my jerky to be chewy. I do not want it so hard it will crack a tooth.



Take a paper towel and dab all around to absorb any oil that is standing. This was really lean sirloin so there was not a lot of fat that turned to oil. But there was a little. The more oil that is left on the jerky the quicker it can go bad and turn rancid (although I have never witnessed jerky spoiling).
Then, I simply stored it in a Ziploc bag removing as much air as possible (moot point as it is going fast). Trust me, this will not last long around here. It is already almost gone. We all love jerky and it turned out great.

I cannot wait for our oldest to bring some deer meat next hunting season! Of course I will be dehydrating plenty of things between now and then. Next time, I will mix up my own marinade.

Making jerky is so easy. Trust me….if I can do it, then you can. Give it a try.