Joy of Snow

In my last post I talked about being prepared with winter weather, thundersnow and power outages. It is important to experience the joy of snow as well. Preparedness should not be about a constant fear of the horrible unknown. Preparedness should not consume your life and prevent you from encountering the joy in each day of  life God has blessed us with. Preparedness should help us react, handle, and adapt to difficult situations more easily so that we may hopefully have more time to experience the joy of snow and every day life. I generally think of being happy as more of a situational thing. Where as I believe joy is a state of heart, soul, and mind.

We are not the greatest photographers, but here are some photographs of that joy and beauty I am talking about.

I measured 3 inches




The poor pine trees are weighed down to the ground







Crab apples normally out of reach are almost eye level


The sun is starting to warm things up






We shook most of the snow off to hopefully not break the limbs








Our snowman made by packing 5 gallon buckets. Most of the
snow would not pack so we had to haul it from the deck




Perry the Platypus


Just as fleeting as snow in our part of North Carolina……




…..are the precious moments in life.
So, dive into each day before it slips away and make your snow angel and snowman before it melts away!