Now, that’s a zucchini! It was so big that we named it Gigantor!

Gigantor is so big intentionally. We were trying to let it grow enormous so that we could get some good size seeds out of it to use for next year. When I cut it, the seeds were noticeably bigger, but amazingly still nowhere near the size we had expected. They were quite a bit smaller than the seeds we had purchased and planted.  So, we just decided to slice ole Gigantor up and freeze him. He even got his name on the freezer bag!

If we get nothing else from our garden, our zucchini has already been a great success!  We can barely keep up with it! We’ve had a lot of fresh fried zucchini, squash (from Mama), and onions.  Mmmm Mmmm!

We’ve also added it to some dishes like my chicken and rice and chicken casserole. Jon has been mentioning trying to bake some zucchini bread, but it hasn’t happened yet. I have mostly been freezing the rest in bags. Some I froze chopped and some I froze sliced.

We do not have a spare freezer.  All we have is the big basket freezer at the bottom of our fridge. The fridge is slightly wider than the standard size fridge, but it is not one of those huge ones as our kitchen just does not have the space for it.  I can barely fit anything else in the freezer for all of the zucchini.  This is of course a good problem to have.

Jon and I have been discussing getting some kind of extra freezer, but we’re not sure where in the world we will put it.  Maybe on the front porch?!? LOL