Our 1940 Farmhouse – Game Room Makeover

We have officially been living in our new home for a week now. There are a few random things we still have to move, but we have everything we need moved and most of it unpacked! Now that I can breathe just a bit, I wanted to share the changes we made to another upstairs bedroom to make it over into a game room. This has been completed for over a month, but we just have been so busy there has been no time to share. This is the makeover of the square middle bedroom we mentioned in our last post.

1940 Farmhouse Game Room Redo Before and After
1940 Farmhouse Game Room Redo Before and After

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Our 1940 Farmhouse – Upstairs Bedroom Makeover

The upstairs of our 1940’s farmhouse has not seen many (if any) updates to it. The upstairs has three small bedrooms. Two bedrooms are rectangular and have closets that are built into the attic space. The third bedroom in the middle has no attic space to utilize for closets and is square. We only have our youngest who is 14 that still lives with us.  We let her choose which bedroom she wanted. Not surprising, she chose one of the rectangular bedrooms that had a closet and had the best window view overlooking one of the hay fields.  The bedrooms are a little small.  Adding to the challenge, she currently has an excessively large bedroom at our current house. To compensate for the space, her bedroom will be the one she chose and the square middle room with no closets will be a game room. Today, we will discuss the updates to the bedroom so that it functions well and suits a 14 year old teenage girl.

1940 Farmhouse Upstairs Bedroom Makeover - Before and After
1940’s Farmhouse Upstairs Bedroom Makeover – Before and After

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Our 1940 Farmhouse – “Sitting Room” (Office)

Our next big priority was to get the room we planned to use as our office ready.  This room was originally setup like a bedroom when we viewed the house, but it doesn’t function well as such and we had other plans. It is somewhat of an irregular trapezoidal shape with three doors to the kitchen, living room, and bathroom.  We believe the original function of the room was more of a parlor or “sitting room” back in the day.

1940 Farmhouse “Sitting Room” aka Office Before and After

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Our 1940 Farmhouse – Bedroom 1

It’ll be two weeks tomorrow that we closed on our new home. We have been busy non-stop ever since! There is a long list of things that must be done when buying any new home like getting all of the utilities called, scheduled, and connected. Jon has been battling multiple “old home” water issues as well. Those things are top priority. With all of the other things we plan on doing, the next challenge was trying to prioritize and decide what to do first. We decided to start on our bedroom.

Redoing a 1940 Farmhouse Bedroom
1940 Farmhouse Bedroom Before and After

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