DIY Kitchen Cleaner Recipes

The kitchen is the most important room in every household, and as such it must be taken good care of. The kitchen is the place where the entire family gathers every day and spends most of its time there. That is why the kitchen needs to always be perfectly cleaned and disinfected so that it is a good environment for your family. But even the cleaning can sometimes be dangerous. Using a bunch of chemically induced cleaning products will not make your kitchen any healthier or safer, than being dirty. The trick is to clean it in a way that you do not do even more harm. That is why this article will tell you how to clean and disinfect your kitchen in a way that it really is cleaned, not just from dirt and bacteria but from dangerous chemicals as well.

If you have never tried green cleaning, now is the time. Or if you haven’t fully converted to it, you can do it now. Here you will find a few useful recipes for DIY kitchen cleaners and disinfectants.

But first, it is very important to understand that the kitchen might be the most important room in your home, but it is also the dirtiest one. The cooking – the smells, the traces, the dust, they all add up to a certain level of grime and dirt, microbes and bacteria. And when you clean your oven using store-bought cleaning products all you do is replace one dangerous thing with another. Because the dirt and bacteria might be gone, but there are the chemicals that remain in your entire kitchen, and your family is always in contact with them.

That is why this article will tell you how to make yourself some cleaning products and disinfectants and clean your kitchen in a safe way. You will not only have a clean and safe kitchen, but you will also save yourself a bunch of money, because to make these cleaning products you will need ingredients, most of which are always present in your home. So here are some recipes, to make eco-friendly and frugal kitchen cleaning products.

Kitchen Cleaner

2 Cups of tap water into a spray bottle
Add 20-25 Drops of tea tree (also called melaleucaessential oil because it has cleansing properties
Add 2 Tbs of household white vinegar, it will help kill germs and reduce microbial growth
Add 1/2 Tsp of liquid dish soap to the mixture to give it extra cleaning power

Shake well and it is ready to use

Natural Kitchen Disinfectant

2 Cups of water into a spray bottle
Add 40-45 Drops of grapefruit seed extract to be super strong and take care of tough problems or reduce to 20 Drops for a milder problem

This disinfectant can also whiten your sink or tiles.

Natural Kitchen Degreaser

2 Cups of warm water into a spray bottle
1 Tbs of baking soda
20 Drops of lemon essential oil – lemon oil or lemon juice, both are good

Spray on greased places. Wait a few minutes and wipe away with a damp cloth or a sponge. The result will be amazing!

And there you have it – a quick, easy, frugal and natural way to get your kitchen clean and healthy at the same time. Now your family can enjoy the time spent there together even more.

By Isobel at Domestic Cleaners Lewisham