Growing Raspberries Year 2

How wonderful it is to see everything coming alive in the spring. Last year in February we planted 4 bare root raspberry canes. Along the trellis you can see how much our 4 raspberry canes have grown.

Raspberry Canes - Year 2. #SecondYearRaspberries #RaspberryCanes
Raspberry Canes – Year 2

We had no experience growing raspberries and honestly did not do a lot of research before planting. I know I shouldn’t admit that, but we tend to do things like that often. We knew we liked to eat them. We knew raspberries tend to spread prolifically. They are a tasty easy to grow fruit that grow back each year and we don’t have to wait 5+ years to see the literal fruits of our labor. Perfect! What more could you want?

We would have been happy with the progress of our 4 raspberry canes, but to our excitement look how many new baby raspberry canes we have in just one year!

New Multiplied Raspberry Canes in Just One Year
New Multiplied Raspberry Canes in Just One Year


New Multiplied Raspberry Canes in Just One Year
More New Multiplied Raspberry Canes in Just One Year

To us raspberries seem like one of those perfect foods to plant to be self-sufficient and prepared. There are so many tasks that require much time and effort when trying to become more self reliant. Why wouldn’t one welcome such an easy addition?

If they really do become too unruly for you, you can always pull them up and share them. I guess if you have no friends to share them with you could pull them up or mow them down. But that seems like such a waste. If you do pull any up don’t go throwing them in your compost pile or the next thing you know you’ll have raspberries in your garden and everywhere you spread your compost.

Hopefully this year we will have enough to actually do something with. Last year we simply ate them fresh as they were coming in. I can’t wait! Maybe we’ll take some of these new baby canes and transplant them in an out of the way location somewhere at the land. If we do that now, just imagine how many raspberries we will have by the time we move there!

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Growing Raspberries Year 2