Seeds of the Month Club

Are you as tired of winter as we are? Jon and I are both so ready for spring. We are as tired of the snow and ice as the chickens are. Although I understand the importance of winter and that every season has it’s place, I am just not a fan. We have done our winter chores, planned our garden, and ordered our seeds. And still we wait during another snow and wintry mix. Sigh.

Last year, I thought long and hard about joining The Seeds of the Month Club, but did not. I just do not join things on a whim. The more I pondered it the more, I wanted to join. When you look at the price per seed packet for these Non-GMO heirloom seeds it really is a great deal.

Seeds of the Month Club

After agonizing for almost a year we pulled the trigger and joined! We were so excited. Different seeds are shipped out each month based on our planting zone. We couldn’t wait to see what seeds would arrive. It felt like Christmas. Just a few days ago our first month of seeds arrived!

Seeds of the Month Club
Seeds of the Month Club First Month

In our first shipment we received beets, spinach, basil, coriander, corn salad, cauliflower, cucumber, and blue flax. We are very pleased with their arrival. We would probably never have bought beet, spinach, or corn salad seeds, but now that we have them we will definitely give them a try. We honestly have not had beets since our youth and neither of us liked them. Who knows? Maybe we will now. I like a lot of things that I didn’t when I was a kid. We do like spinach in a mix of salad, but probably would not have bought the seeds because of how little we eat it. And neither of us even know what corn salad tastes like. This will be an exciting surprise all season.

The rest of the vegetable seeds we would need any way so this works out great. But let’s not forget the flower seeds. The last couple of years we have been so focused on the vegetables and herbs that I mostly forgot about flowers. But flowers are important too. Not only are they lovely to see and smell, they are great for the honey bees. Surely we all know by now that we all need to help out our declining population of honey bees.

What are you planning to plant this year? Do you try new varieties or stick with the same line up each year? Do you get as happy as we do over packs of seeds?