Cutting Our Own Christmas Tree

This year Jon and I decided we were going to pick and cut our Christmas tree from our land. We usually buy a live tree. Now that we had 37 acres of our own, surely we could find a suitable Christmas tree!

We do not have any of the “fancy” firs or spruces on our land. We do have many a pine tree, but they are not any of the pretty shaped pine varieties.¬†There is an overabundance of the “not so pretty” loblolly pines, but they just are not suitable for a Christmas tree unless you are trying to achieve a special Charlie Brown Christmas. However, what we do have that grows naturally and has a nice shape is the eastern red cedar.

Eastern Red Cedar

We saw this one before we were even trying to look and right away we thought it had a nice shape and it is in a location we will eventually clear. So, Sunday when we were back out to the land Jon cut this one down for our Christmas tree. When we got close to the tree it was a little bigger than we realized, but still this was the one. Jon fought the blackberry briars and the prickly cedar needles/leaves. Yes, that’s right, the needles/leaves of the eastern red cedar are quite prickly so one needs to handle with care.

When we got our tree home, Jon trimmed it up and put the tree stand on outside. As we were looking to see how straight it was it occurred to us that this thing was huge! It must have grown on the way home. He cut about another foot from the bottom and trimmed some from the top as well and still it was big.

Our Very Tall and Fat Cedar Christmas Tree

This tree was the most challenging trying to get it straight. Apparently, the trunk was a little a lot crooked which made it quite difficult to get straight.

Then, Tuesday evening we decorated the tree when our oldest came by to have supper with us. We refused to buy more Christmas lights, but I was worried we wouldn’t have enough for this tree. Then the ribbon that I use for garland really was a bit sparse as well. At any rate, we continued on refusing to buy more and to make the best of what we had. Jon and the kids hung ornaments while I directed. George did most of his decorating from the couch.

Decorating was also a bit challenging as the limbs are much flimsier at the ends than most “bought” Christmas trees. We had to make sure the ornaments were placed further in on the limbs so they would not fall off or heavily weigh the limbs down. And of course there was the ever present sticky prickling of the needles/leaves! Sarah decided to put her gloves on while decorating. Just as we were almost done, the tree began to fall! Eek! Luckily, George did catch it before it crashed. Jon, secured it again and we finished up. It may not be a picture book or mall Christmas tree, but we are quite proud of it.