Fall Around Our Place

You would think that now it is fall things may be slowing down around here and I would have a little bit of time for blogging. But it seems my paying job, church, and Sarah’s ever busy calendar has kept me on the go. I must admit I am looking forward to slowing down a bit and trying to get back to a little crocheting. But I cannot seem to be still long enough for that or when I do have a moment, I’m just so darn tired and brain dead.

Sunday afternoon I had a couple of hours to myself. I walked around and took inventory of how everything was looking around our place. I honestly have not done much of that lately. Jon has been doing most of the lingering garden tasks as things were still growing and coming in. I decided to take a few photos as I did my walk about.

The Crabapple Tree is Loaded Down
The Crabapple Tree is Loaded Down


The Layer of Pine Cones and Needles Are Getting Thick
The Layer of Pine Cones and Needles Are Getting Thick


Easter Bush in Fall
I Just Love the Color of the Easter Bush in Fall.


The Maple Tree is Just Beginning to Turn Colors


I Really Do Not Like Mushrooms, But Thought This Was a Cool One.


The Everbearing Raspberries Are Still Producing


The Crowder Peas We Planted Late Season Are Still Coming In


I Just Love The Dark Purple of The Blueberry Bush


The Only Marigold that Bloomed and It Waited Until October!


The Acorns from the Pin Oaks are Everywhere


My Rose Bush Does Not Realize That It Is October!
As of Sunday, we had not experienced the cold snap so several things were still just growing and producing amid the changing colors of fall like the peppers, crowder and blackeyed peas, and raspberries. It was the best of both worlds.
However, this week’s weather forecast for Wednesday night was a low of 35. So, Jon picked the last of the peppers no matter the size and most of the peas. He went ahead and cleared off the garden except for the crowder peas as they were still quite full. This is now what the garden looks like.
Barren Garden Except for the Few Crowder Peas in the Left Corner


As forecasted the temperature dipped down to mid 30’s Wednesday night and we had our first frost. It was a light frost so we still have hope for the remainder of the crowder peas, but they are probably done now. The next few days were the same and highs in the mid 50’s. It is officially fall around here now.