Our First Blueberries

Last spring we planted two blueberry bushes. Although, we are quite impatient people and would love to have immediate returns we were really not anticipating having any blueberries this year. So we were ecstatic when we saw how well they were growing this year and saw them putting out blooms. Each bush was a different variety and one of them was about a week ahead of the other with blooms and the blueberries ripening. To our dismay the birds picked the first bush clean before we even knew what happened! But Jon put bird netting over the other blueberry bush along with our other berries and we were able to have our first small harvest of blueberries. We had just enough to eat fresh and some for blueberry pancakes. Two more times we have picked a small handful such as this. The rest we have been just eating fresh and throwing in smoothies with some other fruits. How blessed we are to be able to have our own fresh fruit, even if it is only in small handfuls.

Our First Handful of Blueberries Ever!