Bare Root Raspberries 2 Month Progress

Early in February we bought 4 bare root raspberry plants. As mentioned before, last year we did not have any success with some bare root raspberry plants we purchased online.

The raspberries from last year were shipped with some gel on the roots. Although this year we bought our plants at Tractor Supply Company, they were also bare root packaged in peat moss. Just a little over 2 months ago, we planted the raspberries outside and covered them with lots of pine needles.

Each day as we do our walk about we always check them for progress. We had just about given up hope again. We are impatient people, but we also have had mixed experience planting bare root plants. But then finally a couple of them have started putting out a little green. Then in just a few days this is what we have!

Bare root raspberry growth after 2 months
Bare Root Raspberry Growth After 2 Months
We still have 2 of the plants that are not showing any signs of change yet. It is still early yet. Maybe they will come around, but if not we are ecstatic about these two. However, if the other 2 do not start growing, raspberries have a tendency to spread. So we will hopefully have more each year.

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