Garden Wind Chime

I love wind chimes. I do not think Jon shares my passion for them. I believe to him they are more of a racket than melody. On our front porch we I have three wind chimes. Two of them I got years ago at the same time. They are identical except one is black and the other is just metallic.

Black metal wind chime
Black “Coated” Wind Chime

Metallic Wind Chime
Poor Pitiful Metallic Wind Chime (At least the sky is gorgeous in the background)

The black one is painted or coated. It has never broken and still has its original nylon type cords that hold it together. The unpainted one unfortunately has not faired so well over the years. It has lost a chime here or there and over time, I have completely restrung it with floral wire. I do not know why it did not last like the black one. The theory is that the rough edges of the “uncoated” metallic one cut/scrub the nylon cord and eventually floral wire until they break where the black one is not as rough.

Whatever the cause, a while back the whole thing (except for the one lonely chime) broke again in a winter storm. Regretfully here it has hung and laid for almost two months in shameful condition. There is still one chime missing that I never did find.

Fallen Chimes From Wind Chime


Fallen Chime From Wind Chime
About a week ago on my lunch break I went into Ross’s Dress For Less to look around. They have some good deals on clothes, but I like them so much for the random decor and home items. You never know what you may find and the next time you go it probably will be gone. I was so happy to find this new wind chime for only $4.99.
I decided this would be a perfect replacement for my poor one that keeps falling apart. Hopefully, it will weather the storms a little better and looks nicer than our my ragged out wind chime.
But of course, I just cannot throw the old one away. That would be such a waste. I strung it back together with floral wire again. A heavier wire would probably be better, but it also needs to be pliable so that I can work with it. And well I had floral wire. I pondered for a bit and decided to place it in our garden area. Why the garden?
Last year our garden was smaller, but we still tried keeping the birds away from our blackberries and garden veggies. There are all kinds of things you can do to deter birds like scarecrows, strategically placed rubber snakes (I am not fond of this idea), strategically placed shiny things, and loud things. Last year we hung a few old CD’s on yarn along the fence area. It seemed to work in the area they were hung in, but I do not think we had enough. Also, they were shiny and reflected light, but didn’t make much noise. A lot of times my parents have tinfoil pans hung around their garden. So, I thought the shiny metallic wind chime should help as well. And of course, it will just be too darn cute hanging from the grapevine arbor that Jon constructed.
Wind chime for the garden arbor
It is a little worn, but I think it looks wonderful. Hopefully, the “racket” won’t keep Jon out of the garden too.