For the Love of Daffodils

I love daffodils. I like flowers in general, but I believe I love daffodils so much because they are usually the first flowers to bloom. Many times I am almost surprised when I see them. I excitedly think “the daffodils are blooming already”. They are the first signs of spring around here and it just makes me smile.

Saturday morning as I pulled into the driveway after running some errands I caught a brilliant yellow glimpse of spring in my flower bed. As soon as I got out of the car I had to go right to it and soak in the beauty.

Daffodils: The Sign of Spring

Even with all of the weeds all around, it is still a pretty sight. It seems the weeds start their spring season much earlier than I do. We have been giving the chickens handfuls of these weeds and they just love them.

What makes this daffodil more unexpected than usual? I have lived here 14 years and I have never planted daffodils in my flower beds nor seen them grow there. I have been keeping my eye on the tulips near the door that popped out of the ground and have been growing rapidly. They are not ready yet, but it will not be long.

Tulips are almost ready to bloom
Look, more chicken feed!

With the pleasant surprise of a “volunteer” daffodil of course I had to walk around the house to check out where I have planted daffodils along the fence. Ah yes, just as I had hoped…they are blooming as well. Those smaller blades are where I planted some more daffodils about 2 years ago that Mama gave me from thinning some of hers out. They are the white and yellow ones and apparently are a late bloomers.

Daffodils in bloom in early spring
Daffodils blooming along picket fence
Several patches are in bloom along the picket fence
Daffodils blooming along picket fence
Several patches are on the verge of blooming along the picket fence
Although it is gradually starting to look like spring, it was quite chilly and very windy Saturday. Sarah and I planted a few things in the garden while Jon worked on the chicken run. Two weeks ago Jon planted some onion sets, carrots, potatoes, and a few red cabbage. The onions and carrots are at the end covered with a few leaves. At that time he staked an ran some twine to mark straight rows. Last year our garden was thrown together and the rows were sort of straight, but he wanted to make sure they were much better this year.
Staking and marking straight garden rows

Sarah and I planted a few more red cabbage, a little bit of all year head lettuce, leaf lettuce, and arugula. We are staging our planting of the cabbage and lettuce so that it does not all come in at once. None of us are really cooked cabbage eaters. So, we basically will only be using the cabbage and lettuce fresh.  Last year we only had leaf lettuce. But we planted it all at the same time and realized how that was not the best idea. It grew beautifully and was delicious, but there was no way we could eat it all before it grew too tall and went to seed. Little by little, we are learning.

Are you as excited about spring as we are? What signs are you seeing that spring is almost here? What preparations are you making?