The Gardening Notebook E-book Review

Recently I was given the opportunity to review the newly released “The Gardening Notebook” E-book by Angi at SchneiderPeeps. I’ve had it for about a week now and quickly glossed over it when I first received it. However, I did not want to do a review until I could spend more time with it.

Gardening Notebook
“The Gardening Notebook” is not a specifically detailed “How-to” plant and grow things in your garden book. It is a guide providing the structure of where to begin and what next for the entire year.

Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • How to Begin
  • Enriching the Garden
  • Vegetables and Melons
  • Fruits
  • Herbs
  • Ornamentals
  • Pests, Problems and Solutions
  • Printables
  • Resources

It is excellent for the newbie gardener as it lays out a great outline of the “Big Picture”. That is where we must all start. So many of the wonderful “How-to” books are so specific. Although they are necessary, many of us could use a where to start first then we can delve into those specific needs once we have identified them.

Whether newbie or seasoned gardener, it also provides a lot of wonder customizable content with its many printables.


  • Garden Calendar
  • Spring Planting by Frost Dates
  • Fall Planting by Frost Dates
  • Spring Planting by Frost Dates
  • Fall Planting by Frost Dates
  • Garden Layout Graphing
  • Plant Worksheet
  • Local Resources
  • Plant Profile
  • Garden Expense Worksheet
  • Garden Project List
  • Project Planning Sheet
  • Seed/Plant Purchases
  • Seed Starting/Sowing Record
  • Pest, Problem & Solutions Worksheet
  • Book List
  • Monthly Journal

Although it is full of wonderful content, I personally think the true value is in the printables. Just the other day Jon mentioned we should start tracking our purchases and keeping better records on what we buy, try (whether successful or not), and do in the garden. How timely it was to find these wonderful printables like “Garden Expense Worksheet”, “Project Planning Sheet”, “Seed/Plant Purchases”, and “Seed Starting/Sowing Record” as a perfect guide for just that. I also really like the “Monthly Journal” printables.

I cannot tell you how many times I will get dates or details confused about one plant criss-crossed and confused with another. The older I get the worse it gets. Here you can keep track of all of your information so you can go right to it when you need it.