Is It Spring Already?

In our part of northern North Carolina we do not have a harsh winter like up north. We do typically have four full seasons that I consider to be fairly mild and none of them too extreme.

Our winters are generally cold, gray, and brown with the occasional snow or ice. My definition of cold probably varies greatly from many of you. Our average highs are around 40 and average lows around 28. That being the average, we will have some warmer and some colder. We typically have a few teens and single digit days, but they are few. Those colder days sometimes we still do not get the snow. It just depends on when the precipitation and temperatures line up.

We do tend to get more ice than snow, because we teeter on the edge of freezing many times. I would much rather have the snow than the ice or freezing rain.  I do enjoy a good large snow, but must confess after one good one I grow tired of it. I get tired of the shoveling, salting, scraping, and mess tracked in.  Last year we had an extremely warm winter and saw no snow at all. And this year, it is halfway through January and all we’ve seen is a little snow flurry in late December. It has barely felt like winter. No, I’m not going to support the global warming topic. I personally think weather is cyclical and it cycles back around. Just two years ago we had so much snow at Christmas that I wondered if everyone would be able to drive back and forth for family celebrations. It was gorgeous.

Yesterday, it was an unseasonable warm 72 degrees! It was not super sunny, but just warm. It was nice, but strange. It doesn’t feel like we’ve had a winter yet and this kind of weather is going to give me spring fever. Of course I had to walk about and check things out since it was so nice out. (Around our one acre it does not take long). Even though the temperatures are bearable Monday through Friday it is dark when I am at home and not at work so the weekend is the only opportunity to get outside and see anything.

This is basically what winter in North Carolina looks like. It’s gray and brown and drab.

Unsuccessfully tried to photograph the elusive red pair of cardinals in the pin oak tree


The reason our soil is so acidic – thick layer of pine needles everywhere


No snow or ice and still there is the random broken limb on the pine trees
Our Dog Oreo Enjoying Weather
Oreo is happy to have some much deserved attention
And more pine trees….hmmm that one on the end looks like it has a bit of a lean. Will have to keep a watch on that.


Just making sure Oreo will be warm when it does get cold again. Be sure to make sure your outside babies will be warm.


Nandina Berries! I love the little splash of color they add to our otherwise winter drab


Different angle of the nandina bush



Abandoned bird nest in my Easter bush


Another bird nest in the Easter bushes. The Easter bushes are near our above ground pool. I believe the birds like being near the bird bath we provide.


Our yard is not a “manicured” lawn. We do not have something like bermuda grass that browns all winter long. Look we actually have a lot of green under the leaves!