“Harvest” of 2012 Has Begun

The “Harvest” of 2012 has officially begun! We are very proud of our first zucchini that we picked.

We planted only 10 seeds that have grown into 8 good-looking healthy plants. There are blossoms all over them and many have little zucchinis growing.  Right now, this is the only one big enough to pick.

I am also thrilled with our leaf lettuce. How awesome is it to just go into the back yard to pick a handful of fresh leaf lettuce for a sandwich? We are having fresh salad today!
We planted 2 rows of leaf lettuce. Those seeds were super tiny like little specs of pepper. We got a little lazy and planted it pretty thick too. We probably should have only planted one thinner row and then planted a second row later. Oh well, it is a learning process. Too much food is better than not enough!