Oils of the Bible

Essential oils are known to be some of the oldest and most powerful substances on earth. The Bible contains over 200 references to oils, incense, ointments, and other aromatics. They were used for the healing of the sick, anointing, and religious rituals. Oils were used to treat ailments of all kinds and were highly treasured. The Egyptians used many different oils for rituals, including cleaning their bodies and embalming their dead. Hippocrates (the Father of Medicine), the Greeks, the Romans, Napoleon, European Crusaders, the Arabians (developers of distillation), and even early American colonists have used essential oils.
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Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils

Are you wondering what all the hype is about these hippie oils? Do you have questions but don’t know who to ask? Are you wanting to take control of your own health but don’t know where to start? Then you’ve come to the right place to learn about essential oils and natural solutions that are safer, cheaper and more effective than traditional remedies!

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Lavender Oatmeal Facial Scrub

Over the last 6 months or so I have been experiencing some changes to how products I have used for years work on my face like (soap, facial scrub, and make-up). I’m sure it is due to being 38 years old and my body and skin’s chemical make up or something is changing. I have always used a particular store bought facial scrub brand for many years that all of a sudden makes my skin burn like fire and turn bright red! At first I tried different products, but they still caused irritation. Then I decided to go with no product on my face at all but water and to only wear make up on my eyes. Finally, I wasn’t having the fiery burning any more. After some time I thought I would start trying more natural products on my face. I decided to try making up a batch of homemade lavender oatmeal facial scrub.

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Treating and Preventing Chigger Bites

I grew up in the country crawling around in weeds and such as a kid. We were always warned we were going to get chigger bites, but never did I in my entire 38 years until this year. While mowing and working out at the land several weeks back, Jon and I and one of the boys got a bad case of chigger bites. I even got them twice. The second time was horrific and they even blistered. No chigger bites in 38 and years and now twice within a few weeks of each other!

What is a Chigger?

  • Chiggers are the larvae form of a certain type of mite.
Chigger and Mite Life Cycle
Photo Credit MedicineNet.com

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DIY Wallflower Scented Plugin Refills

Many weeks ago I came across a pin on Pinterest for DIY Wallflower Scented Plugin Refills.

DIY Wallflower Scented Plugin Refills Using Essential Oil
DIY Wallflower Scented Plugin Refills Using Essential Oil (Photo Credit: Pinterest)

As with other nifty pins that I find I pinned it with plans of trying it myself eventually. I currently use a few Wallflower Scented Plugins in our home. I love them, but the refills are quite expensive. I always try to buy 5 or more to get them at a better price.

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