Our 1940 Farmhouse – Game Room Makeover

We have officially been living in our new home for a week now. There are a few random things we still have to move, but we have everything we need moved and most of it unpacked! Now that I can breathe just a bit, I wanted to share the changes we made to another upstairs bedroom to make it over into a game room. This has been completed for over a month, but we just have been so busy there has been no time to share. This is the makeover of the square middle bedroom we mentioned in our last post.

1940 Farmhouse Game Room Redo Before and After
1940 Farmhouse Game Room Redo Before and After

This room does not have a closet.  The walls, trim, ceiling, and doors were varying shades of dingy off-white with the random green spilled along the floor molding (go figure). The ceiling also had many spots. The ceiling has the old ceiling tiles, but painted quite nicely with a roller. We painted the trim and ceiling with a slight off-white Valspar Signature semi-gloss. We went with an off-white as it tends to not look as drastic and harsh as a bright white.  The bright white would almost make the other dingy whites look worse. The off-white for trim also provides contrast from the color of the walls.

The walls we painted Valspar Signature semi-gloss in “Strawberry Malt”. This is a fairly light neutral color that will be easy to accessorize with now for a game room and also be easy for us to change later if the use of the room changes after our youngest has moved out.

Luckily, there has been some work done to the old windows in this room. The window sashes and cords have been replaced by someone and these windows function better than any other windows in the house! The door to this bedroom was in rough shape and even had a small hole in the bottom of it. Since we were using this as a game room rather than a bedroom, we opted to remove the door. It looks nice and also takes up less space in a small room with little space.

Jon replaced the one 2 prong receptacle in the room that was wobbly and loose. He also installed a new outlet on the wall where the entertainment center and TV would go.  The installation of the new receptacle was the last new wiring he completed after the ordeal of trying to pull wire through our daughter’s bedroom ceiling and closet. I still have a few new outlets on my “wish list”, but I think Jon has had his fill of wiring for awhile.

New Outlet Behind Entertainment Center
New Outlet Behind Entertainment Center and TV

Like, the other upstairs bedroom, this room also has hardwood floors that have several layers of paint on them.

Painted Hardwood Floors in 1940 Farmhouse
Painted Hardwood Floors in Old Farmhouse

We hope to one day strip and refinish these hardwood floors as well. However, in the meantime another area rug in a cool modern design brightens up the place nicely. This amazing 4-foot bean bag chair works perfect for lazy lounging in the corner while watching TV or playing video games.

Game Room Makeover
Game Room Makeover

The ceilings in the room are even lower than the other bedroom with a light bulb with a simple pull chain. I’d love to have a ceiling fan in here, but it is just too low. We will also plan to install a new light fixture at a later time.

Only a few simple changes make this look like a completely different room to me!

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