Chicken Cam: All Chickens on Deck!

The chickens pretty much just roam wherever they please inside our backyard fence. They do tend to have a couple of favorite spots. Occasionally, we have spotted one random chicken on the steps of the deck. They generally look around and see there is nothing up there for them and leave disinterested.

However, Friday after work I looked out the back door and they were all on the deck. It just cracked us up because we had never seen them do this before. Our guess is there were pools of water standing on the deck where it had rained earlier in the day and it intrigued them. They had plenty of water in their waterer and also the dog’s water bowl. It wasn’t because they did not have any other water. We presume it just peaked their interest this time as usually the deck just has nothing to offer them.

Chickens checking out the deck


Chickens checking out the deck

And there they go. It still did not take them too long to lose interest. I could watch these chickens all day. Who needs TV?